Grammar 3

Grammar 3 revisits and expands upon the major ideas of the prior two Grammar classes: deepening our understanding of aesthetics, space, structure and style. Beginning with Stephen Shore’s article, Form and Pressure, we investigate the intersection of two and three dimensional space in a photograph. Within the frame, internal relationships can be mapped, giving insight into the unexpected beauty and elegance that photographs potentially offer. Through class readings we consider the significance of detail, the impact of form, and the stylistic approaches of the viewer.

Students can expect to receive specific shooting assignments designed to clarify interests, expand range, and offer insight into the problems addressed, within a context of historical and contemporary approaches. The class culminates in a portfolio review in which we consider the selection of images with the goal of forming a clear and eloquent whole.

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Lecture Notes and Images

Class 1: Picturing Space

Class 2: Tonality Shapes Space

Class 3: Structure Within the Frame

Class 4: Punctum and Studium

Class 5: Likeness vs Air, Thoughts on Portraiture

Class 6: The Singular and the Universal

Class 7: Diagrams, Part 2

Class 8: Why People Photograph

Class 9: Photographer’s Values

Class 10: Review of Portfolios

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Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

Robert Adams, Why People Photograph

Stephen Shore, Form and Pressure