Grammar 2

What is style in photography? Photographs by Lee Friedlander, Richard Avedon or Nan Golden are instantly recognizable as such because we see not only the subject depicted in the photograph, we also perceive the photographer's way of seeing the subject. As photographers, we want to create images that bear the imprint of our thoughts, values and experiences. The decisions we make - where to stand, when to press the shutter, and how to arrange the subject within the frame - have to be right not only for the subject, but right for the photographer. This class is about fostering your personal vision: how you see what you see. In other words, it is a class about photographic style. Through regular shooting assignments, lectures, and critiques, students will gain a clearer sense of subject and develop a greater consistency in how they see.

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Lecture Notes and Images

Class 1: Uses of Color

Class 2: Light and Tonality

Class 3: Photographer’s Palettes

Class 4: Alike, But Different

Class 5: Ways of Seeing

Class 6: Working Methods

Class 7: Genre, Style and Attitude

Class 8: Playing with Expectations

Class 9: The Elements of Style

Class 10: Review of Portfolios

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